Return to Work:
5-7 Days

Surgery Time:
1 Hour


Dr Efraim vd Walt - Mentoplasty

Chin enhancement surgery (or chin augmentation) is a highly sought-after cosmetic treatment that improves the look of the jawline and chin for patients with a recessive chin, or one they feel is overbearing. Often when a chin lacks shape and size, it can create an undefined profile. Both surgical and nonsurgical chin augmentation can be performed to highlight your chin, and one of the most common procedures is inserting an implant to reconstruct a more prominent jawline and a more appealing profile.

Ideal Candidates

Chin enhancement (augmentation) is an aesthetic option for men, as well as women. If you are self-conscious because of the shape and appearance of your chin and do not like the undefined profile it offers, this cosmetic enhancement can improve the lower portion of your face and neck.

Surgical Technique

During this procedure, general anesthesia will be administered. The incision is carefully made just under your chin. In this incision, a pocket is made to keep the implant device in its proper place. The chin implant is placed through the incision and positioned on top of the bone directly below your lower lip. Sometimes the incision can be created inside the crease in the lower lip where it connects to your gumline. Regardless, both help to conceal scars. Thin sutures are used to connect and close the incisions, and your chin will be wrapped with bandages.

What To Expect

Chin enhancement treatment creates immediate gratifying results. Even though redness, swelling, and discoloration will be present after your surgery, this only lasts a short while. For many, chin augmentation requires about 1 – 3 weeks of healing. Heavy exercise should not be performed while in this recovery window. This particular surgery has historically high success rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Efraim can begin to estimate your costs for a chin implant in your initial consultation as soon as your surgical plan is created. Your cost will be based on the size and type of chin implant you select along with facility, anesthesia, and surgical fees.

Surgical chin augmentation is meant to give you a stronger, sharper look to your lower face. If you want to correct a double chin, you might prefer neck liposuction to have the excess fat in your submental area (the upper neck below the jawline) corrected. Occasionally, neck liposuction on its own can give you a better jawline and appearance without chin augmentation. Dr. Efraim will go over your choices and his suggestions during your first appointment.

Many people get a chin implant along with another facial surgery, such as cheek implants or face lift. Dr.Efraim can help you choose the procedures that match your concerns and wants during your initial consultation.

Chin contour can be improved by fillers, although the results are usually more subtle and not long lasting.