10-14 Days

Surgery Time:
1-2 Hours

1 Night

Correction of Asymmetry

Dr Efraim vd Walt - Correction of Asymmetry

Very few women’s breasts (eyes, nose, ears) are perfectly symmetric. A little asymmetry usually makes a face more attractive. Exact symmetry may look very awkward and even boring. However, sometimes the asymmetry is quite obvious, and might be uncomfortable or embarrassing for the patient. Severe asymmetry of breasts may occur sometimes, and will need correction.

The most common asymmetry is an underdeveloped breast on one side. This might be extreme, as in cases of Poland Syndrome, where there is almost no development of the breast together with the underlying Pectoralis muscle. Fortunately, most of the time asymmetry will be milder and easier correctible.

Depending on the deformity of the breast, a range of procedures can be performed on both breasts. In extreme deformities like Poland syndrome, it might be necessary to use tissue-expanders to obtain enough skin for eventual augmentation. Breast reduction or mastopexy might also be necessary to obtain more symmetry.

What To Expect

Surgery can be performed at a day clinic under general anaesthesia. Drainage tubes will be inserted, but will usually be removed on the second day. A supportive surgical bra will have to be worn for 3-6 weeks. The wounds will be covered with waterproof dressings, so showering will be possible. Like with other breast surgeries, exercise should be postponed for at least six weeks.

If the patient’s expectations are realistic that perfect symmetry will almost never be attainable, good results are usually possible to achieve.