Sculpt my Dream
Dr Efraim van der Walt


Dr van der Walt

“It is the divine right of every human being to look human”

These were the words that inspired me to become a plastic surgeon. The specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery blossomed after the first and second World Wars, which left thousands of humans mutilated. The reconstructive surgery was initially performed by general surgeons, but they soon realized that it required specialized knowledge, dedication and skills, and a completely new specialty developed.

Reconstructive surgery requires artistic skills and three dimensional insight and planning from the Plastic Surgeon. These same skills are needed in Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, and it was a natural evolvement out of the reconstructive field.

Because there are constant demands for arresting the ageing process, and for more perfection in the field of reconstruction, the specialty develops and expands daily.

It is a real challenge for each qualified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon to stay abreast of all new developments

In my practice, I strive for excellence in the care of each patient. We all want every patient to have a positive experience of this wonderful branch of medicine, in spite of the pain and discomfort that they might encounter during their treatment.